• Odin and his ravens
  • Odin carving
  • Odin and his ravens - photograph 2

Created as a gift for a mythology enthusiast, this panel is one of our most ambitious creations - a 30 x 36cm panel comprising over 60 individual pieces of individually cut glass of varying colour, texture, shape and size. It depicts the Norse god Odin and his ravens Hugninn and Mugninn, whose story has fascinated the owner for a number of years.

We've included images of a carving on which we based our design, plus a second photograph showing the effects of different placement and lighting that show the beauty of the materials. Of course, a few small pictures can only ever convey this to a small extent - perhaps this or another item in our portfolio will inspire you to commission your own design so you can discover for yourself just how magical the end result can be.

Production details:
A range of different glasses was used - including Cathedral, Baroque, water, irridised and opulescent glass - catching the light in different ways throughout the day and really adding to the mystery and eeriness of the scene.

Height: 36 cm

Width: 30 cm

Guide price: £ 300.00