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Sailing ship on the sea panel

  • Sailing ship on the sea panel
  • Sailing ship on the sea panel

The grass is always greener, the sea always more blue, the sun always shines longer and there's always more excitement far away or in someone else's life.

Of course that's not strictly true, but there's no harm in dreaming, so why not settle back in your armchair or the conservatory, gazing at the vivid imagery of a piece like this, with the sun casting a million colours through the air and carrying you off to the seven seas as an intrepid explorer or wherever your dream might take you? This panel was made for a sailing enthusiast as a birthday present, but could equally be great for any mariner or other traveller, or perhaps just a daydreamer.

Why not encapsulate your loves and dreams in a scene of your choice?

Production details:

  • A Spectrum blue/white wispy glass is used to great effect in the piece and gives a perfect impression of the summer sky with soft clouds, adding depth to the picture
  • The wispy and baroque glass used for the sails lends a feeling of movement and gives the impression of wind in the sails
  • The waves shimmer gently in the light thanks to the blue/green opalescent glass used

Height: 21 cm

Width: 24 cm

Guide price: £ 80.00