Production Case Study - Wedding Memories

For their wedding anniversary, our customer Mark came to us with a simple idea that became a much loved gift that his parents were thrilled with.

The following illustrated studio guide sets out a step-by-step demonstration of how we created the piece, with an original commission from a simple photograph to a completed panel design.

The original photograph

1 - The idea

For this item, the initial idea was provided as a photograph of the church where Mark's parents married.


2 - The sketches

From the original idea, we prepare sketches of how this could be turned into a stained glass design, already beginning to imagine the materials to be used to give a special finish to each piece.

3 - The working drawing

A final design is prepared, showing all of the cut lines for the piece and acting as a template for the design.

Choosing the glass and cutting the pieces

4 - Choosing the glass

The glass is then chosen, taking into consideration texture, pattern and colour. You can see how the beautiful confetti-style glass used here for the sky is so appropriate for this particular piece.

5 - Cutting the pieces

Each individual piece is then scored by hand and tapped out.

6 - Laying out the design

When each piece has been cut out, the rough edges are carefully removed and the whole design is laid out in the correct order to ensure a good fit.

The various pieces cut and foiled

7 - Foiled!

All the individual pieces are then copper foiled and again the whole piece is assembled in its final layout

Our crafting nears completion

8 - Putting it all together

The whole design is then fluxed and soldered together and any fittings required are made and attached.

The finished artwork.

9 - The finishing touches

After a good wash and buff up our creation is ready for delivery to its loving new owners. For this piece, a stand was custom made with candle holders behind the glass to create a truly special design that shows something new all through the day and evening.

A similar process is followed for both copper foil and lead work.