Production Case Study - Making An Entrance

Heather wanted new windows for her Victorian front door on her terraced house, which previously had fake (stuck-on) stained glass panels where the original glass was missing.

The following illustrated studio guide sets out a step-by-step demonstration of how we created the piece, commissioned to produce an original design from sketch to completed three-panel design.

1 - The commission

Heather wanted an original design that would be in keeping with her house, but not simply a reproduction of the glasswork in her neighbours' doors.

2 - The sketches

Our designer, Cathy, talked through ideas with Heather then came up with sketches that they could discuss and agree before crafting commenced.

3 - Choosing the glass

While discussing the design, Cathy provided several samples of glass for consideration. The final door panels would now use cobalt blue water glass, sky blue streaky glass and red cathedral glass, with clear eisblume glass providing a frosty effect for the background.

4 - The working drawing

A final design is prepared, showing all of the cut lines for the panels and acting as a template for the design.

5 - Cutting the pieces

Each individual piece is then scored by hand and tapped out.

The various pieces cut, starting to be assembled with lead, cement and solder. The finished panels. Installed - internal view Installed - what an entrance!

6 - Laying out the design

When each piece has been cut out, the rough edges are carefully removed and the whole design is laid out in the correct order to ensure a good fit.

7 - Putting the pieces together

The joints are fluxed and soldered and each panel is then cemented with lead light cement to waterproof the window. These are left to dry, then picked, powdered and polished to remove excess cement and clean the glass.

8 - Putting it all together

The whole design is then fluxed and soldered together and any fittings required are made and attached.

9 - The finishing touches

After a buff up, our creation is ready for delivery to its loving new owners.

10 - Installation

We arranged professional installation of the three panels, which can now be seen in all their glory below.

View this design and more in our portfolio of stained glass (lead) designs.

A similar process is followed for both copper foil and lead work.